Almost Pro, My vlog backdrop is almost complete.... Soft light on me with hard white ...

... light backlighting... I stand out don’t I 😅 Just playing with things seeing how shadows fall and what not.

Now all I need is some.....

STEEM Swag 👍 some people laugh when I say that I want merch.... I think it’s dope to physically represent and promote the things you love ❤️

Here is what I want 🤔
Appics Shirt
OneLoveDTube Hat
DTube powered by STEEM zippered hoody

I have created some Swag for OneLoveDTube so just gotta order... seen the Appics shirts(hey team yea wanna send me one? Free promotion 😉) for sale.... that DTube sweater is gonna be a custom design and I personally know the man working on DTube merch so maybe I can sweet talk him into it 😘


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